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Our next class will be in July 2014. Details coming soon!

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Fermented Vegetable Basics (March 2014)

Grated Vegetables

This time honored craft preserves and dramatically increases the nutritive value of food. It strengthens our immunity, assists digestion, and boosts metabolism improving overall health.

Lacto-fermented foods are good for, can be and should be consumed by, everyone—especially pregnant women and those looking to conceive, families with young children, and for those with digestive and intestinal disorders as well as blood sugar and blood pressure concerns.

You’ll enjoy an introduction to the history, the benefits, and the biologic science of fermented foods. We’ll cover facts about the various types and distinctive benefits they offer and how these foods are best eaten. Finally, we’ll demonstrate how EASY (seriously low-tech) and cost effective it is to make living, delicious, probiotic lacto-fermented vegetables. (This is a vegan food for those that may be concerned about the term lacto.)

For those who choose, stay longer and make your own jar of plain or golden sauerkraut (cabbage with tumeric) or ginger carrots to take home.

  • Pregnant, postpartum or have a thyroid condition? We recommend ginger carrots as cruciferous vegetables can cause colic in newborns through mother’s milk and uncooked cabbage has goitrogens, which can affect proper thyroid function.
  • Ginger carrots are a great palate pleaser for young or skeptical taste buds.
  • Plain or golden sauerkraut are great choice for traditionalists and as a way of getting turmeric and its myriad of health benefits into your body.